About us

Our story


We started out in 2013 as a network, IT and telecoms company providing consultancy to and executing projects for our clients across varying degrees of complexity.  Right from the start, we have focused on delivering all our projects according to industry best practices and standards. 

Our clients satisfaction is paramount to our business. We ensure we understand our customers’ objectives and strive to bring them to fruition.

We have since expanded into the energy, safety, security and IoT sectors, bringing along our expertise, dedication and customer-focused orientation into all areas.

  • Professional Specialist
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Precise Builders
  • 24/7 Assiatance

What We Offer

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We understand requirements

Customer satisfaction is key to us, hence, we spend a decent amount of time understanding our clients' goals, developing a solution and getting our client on board with our design.

We work precisely

We are a local company here in Nigeria operating on world class standards. We utilize the right manpower, hardware and software for all projects.

We deliver best output

Our projects are finished on time and according to design. We fully document our designs, installations, etc and hand them over to our clients at the end of each project.

We provide the best service in our industry

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Our expert team

Ambrana’s accomplishments are made possible by a team of dedicated professionals solely concerned with our client’s satisfaction. Let’s meet a few of them.

Rachael Madu
CEO/ Vice President
Dumebi Umezinne MNSE